Poetry ~ Traveler in the Mist

what lay beyond the forest mist?
     lush with liquor the alpines twist 
tangled trunks of a drunken squall
     grip the mountain’s jagged wall
and high upon the savaged summit
     a weary traveler finds no comfort
withering amongst the alpine ghosts
     the traveler scrawls his last riposte
upon the mist, he sends a prayer
     to his beloved –  do not despair!
then with a mournful climactic cry
     his prayer escapes and soaks the sky!
so when you walk within the mist
     beware the liquor distilled of flesh
of weary travelers whose last request
    fell from the sky where they came to rest
forest mist

Poetry By Sue

Poetry ~ The Sleepers

The sleepers agree, as sleepers often do
that nothing is real if you can’t prove it true.

They call you naïve, that you dare to believe
that all things are possible; even things you can’t see.

The sleepers will argue, demanding you choose,
you can’t have it all; if you try you will lose!

But why must we choose between the land and the sea?
Why choose one path
when all paths set you free?

Why close a door, before another will open?
Why trust the words
the sleepers have spoken?

Why not wake-up and make your own way
seek your own truth and dismiss what they say!

This world is your own, alive in its history
veiled in time and shrouded in mystery.

Allow the sleepers their dream, for their dawn has yet come
but for each who awakens, a new life has begun.

Rants and Raves

We all have them, our moments of sheer madness where we rant to the gods or the heavens or anyone who will lend a sympathetic ear.

Social media and the blogosphere appear ripe for “ranting”. An occasional rant is one thing. Constant ranting is annoying! And yet, like the proverbial train wreck, we can’t stop watching, or hitting the “like” button!

And yes, I know I just ranted!  I admit it. And it’s a rare thing for me to do publicly because I strongly believe you get back what you put out into this world, so I prefer to Rave“.

I know you can’t control the world, but you can control how you respond to the world. And so, I’ve stopped following the constant complainers. The “woe is me” and “my life sucks” crowd is no longer going to steal my joy.  I don’t want to watch people constantly wrecking their train and I’m not going to enable their negative view of the world.

So, let’s end this post with a RAVE!! It’s summertime after all and life is good! And if you doubt that,  may I suggest you take a stroll through the woods, visit a park or rise early and watch the sunrise.

Personally, I plan to lay out under the stars tonight and give thanks for this amazing life! And I may just stay up and watch the sunrise – wanna join me?

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  ~ Melody Beattie

Yours among the stars, 
~ Sue

Poetry ~ Dangling Hearts

Like the cords of my headphones,
my heart is tangled in knots.

My fingers fumble
to unravel and untwist. 
Why must the knots persist?

With each tug, the knots tighten.
With each twist, more knots appear.

Knots of frustration,

I surrender.
Because I know to untangle,
I must let go of the knots

Poetry ~ Mistress of the Realm

Mystic Musing Sepia2

Art by Sue Viseth

Mistress of the Realm

I am the one who hangs the moon
and shifts the seas and sand.
I place the stars upon the sky,
they ‘light’ at my command.

I create the ‘other-worlds’
with mountains stretching tall
and deep upon the ocean floor
my mermaids come to call.

I fly upon the dragon’s back
breathing fire through the air
and land beyond my castle moor
~ enter if you dare!

I scatter seeds upon the ground
where forests grow anew.
I stretch and twist ~ distort my world
to suit my point of view.

I strike my wand upon my throne
and cast the tyrants out
one by one or all at once
their bones are tossed about.

And if by chance I have regrets
and wither from my plight
I conjure up a magic spell
and burn the cauldron bright!

I am the mistress of my realm
beyond this earthly sphere
a land of myth and magic
in which I disappear.

Poetry: Never Was

I was inspired to write this poem after hearing the words, “I wanted so much for us.” The man saying those words was Albert Einstein as he cried and said goodbye to his two young sons and his wife as they boarded a train for Switzerland. The tears of the children, the wife, and Albert reminded me of a  time in my life many years ago; a tearful goodbye.

This poem is for all those who have suffered the loss of a dream, of a future that never was.

I wanted so much for us,
a future
that never came

a long life of love and laughter
that never was

I wanted so much for us,
children and memories made
photographs and scrapbooks

a life like our parents
or the life they portrayed

I wanted so much for us,
to grow old together on the porch
rocking in our chairs

to hold hands
as our eyes and hair turned gray

I wanted so much for us,
to say in those late years
ah, what a love we’ve shared”

I wanted so much for us,
that never was
and never came

Poetry: Forever Free

come with me, out to sea
only there can we be free

do not despair, let out your air
float with me, inside the sea

take my hand, for what we stand
in love and loss, this is our cost

swallow deep, the salty sea
drink it up, and sink with me

one last breath, one last look
upon the love, whose life I took

out to sea, forever free
my love and me


Note: I wrote this poem about characters in my first novel. The lovers are trapped in a hurricane on a barrier island in the south.

The Big Catch

This weekend I met the man I married over thirty years ago on the dock of Curlew Lake.

He was fishing in his green Camo coat and hat, patiently waiting for the fish to bite. He is happiest with a rod and reel in his hand – his form of meditation. 

I ventured out on the dock in the wee hours to bring him his “Monster” morning caffeine and sit for a while. And there he was, smiling, happy and content.

I snuck back into the warm cabin to write and found myself watching him through the cabin window. He’s never met a stranger and was shaking hands with his fellow anglers as they joined him for the early morning catch.  I could see them all laughing and talking, sharing tall tales of the one that got away. 

I found myself watching him in his element… he was happy.  In these moments he radiates an energy that is both loving and welcoming. And when I am close enough I can “catch” his energy that radiates love, and joy in the simple life.

I guess I’m fishing too – fishing for that still quiet place in my heart and mind where I can find peace and happiness. And wouldn’t you know it, there it is outside my cabin window on the dock, my happy place, my joy – my husband, with that smile of his that “caught” me over thirty years ago.

Fortunately not all the good ones get away!