Poetry ~ Young Love

Do you remember the night the lights flashed in our eyes?
And we knew we were in trouble with our big little lies.
But we gambled on forgiveness since permission wasn’t sought,
knowing all along we’d eventually get caught!
But your eyes looked like honey in the moonlight after dark
and you kissed my lips so gently when you put the car in park.
And we fogged up the windows when the kissing got too hot!
Then the car flashed with light and we were busted by the cops!
But young love is resilient and our devotion never swayed,
laws may be broken but young hearts must be obeyed!


Poetry ~ Confessions


Please say it isn’t so!
Look me in the eye
and tell me you didn’t know!
How my heart would break
if you broke your Word,
and my ears would burn
as the confession was heard!
How your guilt was more
than your heart could bear,
but my heart was something
that you couldn’t spare!
How you ripped from me
my one true treasure
– a trusting love
a gift beyond measure!

Then on your knees,
you did repent
and in my sorrow,
I did relent.
And over time
my heart did mend,
our love did grow
and did transcend.
And a deeper truth
came into view
that fairy tales were never true!
Our ‘happily ever after’
betrayal forgiven,
but at a cost!

From the past,
our lessons are learned,
and in each moment
let our love be affirmed. 
Mindful of the future,
as only true love knows,
that suffering recedes,
where Wisdom grows.

Poetry ~ Chaos

Chaos took me by the hand
and danced me on the floor.
He pulled me close, held me tight
and then I heard him ROAR!
He spun me round his finger –
I couldn’t catch my breath.
I felt my body spiraling
down the dark abyss of death!
And then, he whispered in my ear
that he alone was first,
he came before all other gods,
he came before the earth!
He drew the darkness from my soul
into his primal void
and filled me with a lust for life
to conquer and destroy!
Masterful at mayhem;
he’s too alluring to ignore.
All I ever want from him
is more, and more and MORE!
And with a wicked grin,
he brings my soul to heed.
My love affair with Chaos
has brought me to my knees!
With a random sense of timing,
he splits my world in half,
beyond the smoke and mirrors
I hear the devil’s laugh!

I’ve tempted fate with Chaos,
he knows me all too well,
if our love affair continues
I am going straight to hell!
One last dance with my lover,
as Chaos promises to leave
and in the midst of our goodbyes
I promise not to grieve!
Oh, let’s not pretend it’s over,
Chaos knows I’m wanting more
and he’ll be waiting in the mirror
when I’m ready to explore!
But know this!
There is one demon of this world
with whom I shall not dance –
that dreaded devil – BOREDOM!
who leaves me in a trance!
No sooner had I said it,
when Chaos slapped me cold
reminding me I’d summoned him
to battle the devil’s soul!
Ah yes, I had forgotten
in the fog of our affair
that I alone created Chaos
in a moment of despair!
He’s my triumphant warrior
having cast the devil down
but a heavy price I’ve had to pay
as the darkness closes round!
And so, the battle rages on
between the devils and the gods
all creatures of my making,
but Chaos beat the odds.

Poetry ~ Too Bright!

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I’m much too bright
in turquoise and white
to be out on a summer’s day!

Why? you ask,
as I stifle a gasp
and the mirror reflects
my dismay!

As every girl knows
white widens the load
and is made for the petite
and the Fae!

Oh, those tiny creatures
with skeletal features
can wear white when skies
turn gray!

For the rest of our kind
with our curvy behinds
we’ll mask in our black
and dine on cherry parfaits!

Poetry ~ Secrets

May I share something personal?
shall I close the door?
can you keep a secret?
your discretion is implored!

Oh yes,
I know you’re curious
admit it,
you’re intrigued
what could be so personal,
as to garner such mystique?

I know I’m quite dramatic,
but come closer,
over here
this is private
let me whisper in your ear…


I see you grinning
now my secret has been shared
you must promise not to tell
I would die if you dared!