Z – Zealous Zombies

Zealous Zombies:when the dead get lively

Poem ~

awakened from their nightmare

the blurred lines of life too long

the gnawing sound of their hunger

muted by the living’s song

they navigate by moonlight

listening for the faintest sound

and when their hunger’s sated

they crawl back underground


Poetry ~ Night Flight

The moon was full
the night my stare caught your eye
I burned three shades of crimson
as I pointed to the sky.
You smiled and winked
from across the room
as I grinned and
mounted my riding broom.
You hitched a ride
and we both took flight
and there began
our wicked night

of love and magic
that burned too bright.

X – Xenomorphically Xerothermic

Xenomorphically Xerothermic:   a strange affection for dry climates, but more commonly used to impress friends in a game of scrabble

Poem ~

Circumstances required
imagination beyond the rules
coloring outside the lines is
not reserved for fools
awareness of possibilities
is all that’s required
to experience this world
and fulfill your desires
so, give freely your X-es
and blow me some Ohhs
it’s anyone’s game,
and anything goes

W – Warily Wild

Warily Wild: a cunningly cautious cave man

Poem ~

he wandered through the wilderness
of a mortal frontier

contemplating his surroundings while
cloaked in fear

ravaging the land with greed
for fulfillment

plundering from others
for his own enrichment

raising armies for battle,
power, and control

he ruled the land
but lost his soul

the villagers rebelled
as his kingdom crumbled

the skies broke open
and the mountains rumbled

lost in his mind
he became delirious

welcome to the wilderness
of the human experience

V – Vaguely Verbose

Vaguely Verbose: a cascade of meaningless words

Poem ~

Night and day
she rambled on
sometimes her words
were sung in song
there was no end
to the story she told
descriptive, creative,
and much too bold
but no meaning
could be found
to the endless array
of words cascading
in meaningless play

U – Uniquely Ubiquitous

Uniquely Ubiquitous: that once in a lifetime opportunity to have it all

Poem ~

awaiting the numbers
with tickets in hand
she’s spent every penny
her future planned
maybe a
nick and a tuck,
dreaming is fun
and all for a buck
the balls in the air
the numbers are read
she circles each one
and counts in her head
no winners this time,
so she’ll dream on instead

T – Transcendent Terrestrials

Transcendent Terrestrials: mortal awakenings

Poem ~

beyond the luminous mist
of a distant galaxy,
the ancestors await
our awakening to reality

their patience is applauded
their wisdom undenied
with great interest and desire,
their faith is amplified

they have watched us,
longed for us,
even written songs for us

sent us great teachers
speakers and guides
yet we remain asleep
lost in our minds

hardened by our egos
unable to see
sleepers in a dream
who can’t break free

what of their efforts
why do they try
we’re mere humans
destined to die

ah, listen closely
the ancients cry
if you believe you’re merely human
it’s time to  open your eyes

Poetry ~ Lizzie’s Revenge

lizzie photos

Did they find my missing body
 at the bottom of the lagoon?
The water here is brackish
and leeches a dark perfume.

Tread carefully in the marsh
for the mud is thigh-high deep.
My killer knows this firsthand,
he sank where the gators creep.

A fitting end for the coward
with an ego too large and bold,
but he met his match
when I hexed his ass,

now his body’s growing cold!

Deep in these black waters,
I watch my body bloat
and laugh that only in death
did I finally learned to float!

You may not think this funny,
how in death I can be so crass,
but darling from my point of view
I could cry or choose to laugh.

Life was much too serious
and I played a wicked role
now I’m floating in this swamp
as a disembodied soul!

I wonder if when they find me
they’ll write the story of my life
about the old eclectic spinster,
witch, poet, and no one’s wife.

As for you my ruthless darling,
killing me was your final pursuit.
Oh how the gators love the taste
of a man of ill repute.

Life is often fatal,
but in death, I’ve been avenged.
There’s nothing like the taste
of Lizzie’s sweet revenge!

S – Sincerely Skeptical

Sincerely Skeptical: a genuine belief that nothing is true, except belief in nothing

Poem ~
He believed
with all his heart
that there was no point
in believing.
Belief in the gods
had only led to
man’s destruction.
And so he held fast
to his belief
in nothing
who believed