Poetry ~ Violence and Brief Language (Friday Funnies)

slow west

We were warned before it began.

I was no stranger to violence,

but brief language,


the thought was terrifying!

This would require focus,

deep concentration,

and that dreaded virtue


Brief language, of course

was a blunder!

Brief nudity

was the intention.

Both were in abundance.


the movie did not


“Slow West” was both

slow and filmed in the West

with a warning label

that had me laughing



Post Script: This poem was inspired by the Netflix movie, Slow West. The movie picture rating actually said, “Rated R for violence and brief language” 


Poetry ~ The Burning Season

Photo by Marc Baker, Boyd’s Fire, Ferry County, Washington

flaming red forests crackle

blackened brush and timber explode

plumes of smoke paint yellow skies

haze mutes a distant orange orb

ash weeps from the heavens

summer surrenders to the burning season

Poetry ~ The Big Fish (Friday Funnies)

It was a hot summer day when a poem snagged my line

it was dangling by a hook as it spun through my mind

I tugged and pulled, reaching for paper and pen

to capture each word as I reeled the big one in

but it came in no order and flopped about

slipping through my fingers as I began to doubt

if the poem was a keeper or a throwaway,

but capture and release is the practice of the day

so I gave the fish a kiss and watched it swim away

now it can grow bigger to be caught another day!

Photo Credit: Pinterest Mashup

Poetry ~ Impulsive

a minor slight
fueled her

when her
emotions flared,
she wrote

a word …
maybe two

a monologue
detailing the
ridiculous nature
of  the human condition

she  was guilty
of impulsive behavior,

she reckoned,
as most reasonable
people do,
that was different

she saw the
in her own words

she had

was key,
she preached


no amount
of enlightenment
or self-awareness
was remedy
for her condition:

she was
after all,

Poetry ~ Life in the Clouds (Friday Funnies)

Suddenly, my life is cloudy –
literally floating in the clouds.
I’ve lost count of how many
clouds there are in my virtual sky.
And now I’m at the mercy of virtual A.I.

Me: “Alexa, what happens when it rains?”

Alexa: “It pours” (unprompted laughter)

I fear a storm is coming.

Postscript: Alexa has been banished to the garage for unprompted laugher and commentary!

Poetry ~ Lost? Find Me …

Years after her
they reminisced …

it never took much
to change her
but heaven and earth
change her ways

her emotions
blew with the wind

a cold front
brought icy stares
folded arms

a heat wave
provoked intense glares
and a rebellious smirk

her thoughts,
on the other hand,
switched frequencies
as easily as a radio dial

if she was dialed 
into you
the electricity
was palatable

when her thoughts
she was lost
to another world,
another dimension

the day she
they found a note

her last words,

“I may be in this world,
but I am not of this world
and neither are you.
Find me and be free.”

Poetry ~ Blurred

I am unable to focus.

It surrounds me,
chasing me from behind.
I plot its path forward.

Over analyzing,
I change direction,
but I’m unable
to elude it.


It is everywhere
and nowhere.
Constant yet elusive.

I obsess over it.
It ignores me.

We have
an intimate

It is with
blurred vision
that I seek
and remain
the mysteries
of time.

“We blur the world to focus on it and blind ourselves to see.”
~ Carlo Rovelli, Physicist, on the nature of time