Poetry ~ The Call of the Breaking Sun

Did you see the sun break through the clouds?

When I saw the light I screamed out loud!

The dreary gray of too many days

has given way to the sun’s yellow rays

I’m feeling chipper and full of zest

Unlike the grey days when I have to rest

When the sun comes calling

breaking free”

I feel life’s energy surrounding me

I’m hyper-charged

with inspiration

frantically searching

in anticipation

of my creative muse

on display

Hurry! Hurry!

Let’s go out and play

before the sunlight slips away

Photo Credit: Pinterest Mashup


Poetry ~ Too Much (Friday Funnies)

They said she was
wacky and a bit
“too much”
too cheerful,
too silly,
too animated,
too wound up.
She was
a dreamer,
an artist,
a writer,
a poet,
a mystic.
But try
as they might
they could not
dim her light.
Now she haunts
the blogosphere
where weirdos unite!

Poetry ~ Journey to the Mountain

I saw you on the mountain waving your arms at me,
not asking to be saved, rather rejoicing in being free.

You turned and gestured for me to follow, over the ridge and beyond.
I hesitated and didn’t take the step and suddenly you’re gone.

Now when I look upon that mountain, where you waved and drew my eye,
I realize you weren’t calling me home, you just came to say goodbye.

But someday I’ll take that journey, climbing high upon the ridge,
and join you on the mountain to say farewell to a life well lived.

Post Script: This poem in honor of my Bubba Todd and hiking buddy. Meet ya on the mountain brother!

Poetry ~ Tied in Knots

I am
tied in knots!


The more
I struggle
the tighter
the knots.

If I could
just …

clear my mind,
open my heart,

the knots
to loosen,

the ropes
to fall.


I could
be free
from the
prison of
that have me 
tied in knots

In Memory ~ Boogie and Bubba

Bubba, Daddy & Boogie Hiking in the Cascades

I remember you arrived the summer
that man walked on the moon.
Boogie took the lead,
cheeky and pink.
Bubba minutes later,
scrawny and blue,
but together you made two.
A special bond
only twins can know.
As the eldest sister
with a twin of my own
I knew all too well
how close you would grow.
But what I couldn’t know
was how short your
time would be
both leaving this earth
long before me.
In the prime of
your lives…
within two years
of each other.
Off to explore
new worlds
forever brothers.
Today is your
birthday and I
want to sing
your birthday song
and tell you how much
I love and miss you, and
in my heart, you both
live on.

Happy birthday Scott and Todd ~ Lots of kisses from your big Sis


Poetry~ Sometimes When I Cry

Sometimes, when I cry

sorrow washes over me
drowning me in grief
gasping for air
I struggle to survive

Sometimes, when I cry

it is fear
masked as anger
raging against the unknowable
craving control

Sometimes, when I cry

memories surface
reflections of times gone by
faint, faces and places
forever adrift in my mind

Sometimes, when I cry

it’s to say goodbye,
to old ways
to beloved friends and family
to dreams that never materialized

Sometimes, when I cry

my tears fall in surrender
 as I lay down my sword
declaring a cease-fire
with the universe

Sometimes, when I cry

it is with an awareness
that this too shall pass
all my joy and all my sorrow
fleeting, laughter and tears

Sometimes, when I cry

it is for you
to allow the river of your tears
to fill your valleys
creating fertile soil for regrowth

Sometimes, when I cry

it is with a mindfulness
that the essence of this life
is best expressed
through the tears in my eye


Photo Credit: Pinterest Mashup

Inside Timbuktu – Country House Tour

WooHoo! We finally made it to Timbuktu and slowwwwly but surely we’re adjusting to the pace of country life.

In case you missed my original post about our move to the country you can read it here. It includes pictures of the house, outbuildings, and property. But, as promised, it’s time for the insider’s tour!

Let’s start in the room that stole my heart…

Living room (2)

The great room – that stone fireplace!

Love the high post and beam ceiling

Country Kitchen

More country kitchen

Yes, plywood cabinets are a thing in a country kitchen. Not my thing, but as hubby says, “they’re functional”. I foresee a DIY project in my future – dare I paint them?

Breakfast bar

So, what’s that under the breakfast bar, you ask? Good question. I thought it was a dishwasher. No such luck. It’s an oven. Where is the dishwasher? Yer looking at her! As for the stovetop, well…

Five burner gas stove top.

Aint it fancy-nancy? That stainless steel backsplash doubles as a vanity mirror! Deep sigh. Backsplash DIY added to the list!

I will say, the guest bedroom on the second floor is my fave, followed by the loft.

Guest bedroom

The Loft – my study

View from the loft

Our first fire – it’s June and 33 degrees this morning!

Oh, did I mention there’s a spa room off the downstairs bathroom? Yeah, a hot tub and a  bathtub in a cedar paneled room with a skylight. I love a warm bubble bath, but lordy. More DIY??

Double tub spa room ??

Guest bathroom with door to the spa room

Master bedroom on lower level

Oh, I almost forgot the secret room…

The antique door in the guest room – what’s behind it?

Awesome brass door thingy – needs a glass knob.

Ah-ha! Originally a sewing room, soon to be my crafting room.

A spiral staircase is hidden behind a door in the craft room

Leads to a room we’ve named “the tower”

Hubby is thinking of making the tower his media room. For now, it’s gonna double as another guest bedroom – some incredible views of the property from those windows!

But, here is the reason my husband and I wanted this place – space and privacy.  At 76 acres, it’s much more land than we were looking for, but look at that view!

View of our property from behind the house.

Hubby tells me I gotta include his secret find (for the men-folk who read my blog). An old hunter’s cabin down by the creek. I’m not sure girls are allowed LOL.

Old hunter’s cabin

Inside the cabin – spooky!

The door of the cabin with a good luck horseshoe

Hubby’s new hideout!

To say we feel blessed is an understatement, but our good fortune is somewhat overwhelming both of us. This is the first “old house” we’ve lived in during our 32 years of marriage and we have a long list of DIY projects. That said, I love the house. It feels welcoming –  like it’s been waiting for us to arrive!

As for country living, it’s forcing me to slow down. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do slow. But in my heart, I know this is a good thing. I need to practice what I preach on this blog about living in the hear and now. My husband is really good at that – he’s very zen. My form of zen includes levitation and multi-tasking in multiple realms, LOL.

But I’m excited about this new adventure and hope you’ll join me as I explore the country life.

Yours under the Aspen Grove,~Sue

POETRY ~ Time and Space PART II

To read, Time and Space – Part I, click here.

After the loss of time
came the realization
that there was no time left
to fill space.

The illusion revealed,
reality was disrupted as chaos reigned in the void.
Humanity slept.

Unshackled by space and time
gave birth to new worlds
creating their own reality.

The dreamers woke as
artists, writers, poets,
philosophers, creators, and alchemists.

The sleepers declared them mad.