A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I am excited about this year’s A to Z challenge!

My theme is whimsical, paradoxical and playful.  As an aspiring writer and poet, I enjoy playing with words. So, during this journey, I will assume the role of “The Playful Poet”by pairing two seemingly opposite words. And, just to add a wee bit of complexity, I’ll incorporate alliteration when pairing the words. Next, I’ll give you my whimsical take on their combined meaning.  And finally, I’ll wrap up each post with a short poem to illuminate the meaning of the words.

I’m also participating in National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, so I’ll also be posting one of my poems on Sundays.

Here’s a teaser of The Playful Poet at work with the letter “S”:

Silently Speaking: when facial expressions are louder than the spoken word

She stood firmly with her feet on the ground
fists clenched at her side not making a sound
her eyes squeezed tight
she was ready and prepared for a fight
then her mouth fell open  like the dead
a silent scream, but nothing was said
her body restrained from the violence
with the deafening sound of her silence

I hope you’ll stop by and follow me, The Playful Poet, on a whimsical and paradoxical journey from A to Z.  I know you’re all busy so I’ll try and keep my posts short – no more than 300 words. Mark your calendars for April 1st – no foolin’

~ Sue
An aspiring poet on

An Artist’s Path


Poetry ~ Three Kings

There were three kings who stole her heart
and left her broken in worlds apart.

The first king came at a youthful age 
and pulled her onto the lover’s stage.

The second king came to mend her heart
and offered her a brand new start.

The third king came from another time
and raptured her with words and rhyme.

And all she thought she knew of life
was torn from her heart with the
third king’s knife.

Now from her kingdom
her heart does rule, but
she no longer plays the
lover’s fool.

For in her kingdom
she is the Queen
and she hides her heart
where it can’t be seen.

Poetry ~ I am not afraid

His mind is a dark nostalgic nest
of thoughts and images that will not rest
a shattered narrative he can’t express

Frantically he searches his muddled mind
but his memory reaper’s working overtime
plucking thoughts from his memory vine

But what of the scrapbook in his head
he sees it there but it can’t be read
the memory’s worn like a tattered thread

His mind grows quiet with each passing day
as one by one, his memories fade
softly he whispers, “I am not afraid.”

Poetry ~ The Slow Drip

Drip, drip, drip, came your words
hurled forward in time to disturb 
you left us all those months ago
but preloaded your words to explode
shattering the senses of those left behind
who no longer wondered what had been on your mind
clever, witty and riddled with rhyme
your words haunted and taunted well past your time
And your last post, so reassuring, “don’t worry I’ll be fine.”

Poetry ~ Silence Never Lies

“Remember me?” his letter began. 

“Of course,” I responded pen in hand.
“Where have you been? You sent no word.”

“In another land. I thought you’d heard.”

“No, only silence, loud and clear. “

“Sorry, my darling, but now I’m here.”

“No! I don’t need a lover who runs and hides. Your silence was my answer and silence never lies.”

Poetry ~ Winter


In this land of winter,
     stillness calls my name
     and with each fallen snowflake
     autumn’s forest is reclaimed.
In this time of winter,
     the darkness reaches deep
     and draws light from the night 
     as woodland creatures sleep.
In this time of winter,
     in my cabin by the stream,
     I rest my weary body
     and allow my heart to dream.
In this time of winter,
     my eyes grow grey and dim
     and I foresee the coming
     of this life that’s soon to end.
Yet, in this time of winter,
     I am reminded of ‘the way‘ 
     that just as nature falls asleep
     she shall awaken one spring day.

Poetry ~ Incomplete


her words
fall in shambles
in various shades
of incomplete
falling from the ether
cluttering her sheets
pressed in secret places
where no light can penetrate
embracing the darkness
each word must bear its weight
she wrings them through her rhymer
and measures their metered feet
then rips her words to pieces
and declares them incomplete

Poetry ~ Seriously?

Why are you so serious, 
so stuffy and aloof?
Slip off your tie
and stay a while
and let’s debate the truth. 

I agree life is important 
and somethings matter more,
but nothing rises much above 
the people I adore. 

And you, my love, are highest 
on my list of most desired
So, let’s settle down 
and play around –
your participation is required!

Poetry ~ Silence

I have driven myself mad in search of you, my old friend,
I cherished the solitude of my childhood, immersed in you,
I find myself yelling at the world to shut up! I crave you,
I scream inside my own head to stop talking and give me,
I am reading a book entitled “Quiet”, in search of you,
I will not stop until I find you again, my dear friend
I hope we are reacquainted soon. I am in desperate need of